About the Author

I began my writing career around the age of ten, when at school, I made my first essays and sometimes some verses, even poetry. Over the years, I wrote hundreds of poetry and thoughts. Always in a very particular way and in order to enrich my personal collection. (Maybe one day I publish these poems).

I attended some events at school and often shared my thoughts. I wanted to share my beliefs and the era of technology has helped me very much into achieving it and reaching many people.

Writing has always been one of my greatest passions and was around the year 1998 when I started to share everything I had written on social networks. Perhaps, this was the stage where I really started to better gather my thoughts, understand them and share what I stood for.

I believe this experience has helped me reach another level in Literature, because even having a good creativity and written hundreds of articles, I'd never had enough material to write a book. However, this changed in 2015, when the inspiration for my works began to arrive.

I started writing my first book, and as I wrote, the stories flowed in on me. I was completely involved into that project and I let the fantasy guide me to complete that work. I swear I did not force anything, I was writing what my heart was asking me to write and it took me exactly 30 days my so desired book.

Even before the story of The dream thief became known, I was very happy to see the story thrill my wife and other people I had shared about the story. It was through them that I found out where my story could go.

My tip for those who want to write and represent for the most varied feelings they have is: Let it flow naturally within. Elaborate ideas, read as many books and articles you can, because then your mind can begin to create their own stories and perhaps the inspiration will arrive.

I believe that nothing happens without a reason and if we dedicate ourselves and take the time to find what we really need, things will happen.

Remember: Do not force your inspiration and do not bother if it takes a long time for things to happen, after all, everything has its time under heaven, and I for an example, I would like you to know that it took me 39 years for me to start writing my first book. But when it finally came onto me, I finished thirty days after I had initially started.

Believe me, there are no rules in when it comes to writing. A good book can be written in several years or a few months, what matters is let it flow and believe that we are not alone in our journey.

I wish you all good reading and great dreams

Hugs from your friend,

Sidnei Coelho.