Sinopse do Próximo Livro

Lincon Walter - The Time Traveler

He became the greatest thief the world has ever seen. But an unexpected encounter changed everything he thought about life and since then he never robbed anyone again. However, he followed practicing his powers and learned something bigger, than stealing dreams, he could travel in time, within people’s dreams. He visited many eras and watched everything humanity has built, delighting the wonders and al lhe could ever contemplate. But if he could see good things, he could also see bad things and that's how he saw the war, so cruel and devastating that no human being could imagine.

Now his mission is another one , he will have to avoid all of that destruction. But how to do do it? How to announce to the world and reveal such a bleak view like this? If he did, he would certainly be called crazy, and after all, only his sister knew what he was capable of. However, for the sake of humanity, Lincoln will have to find a way to act and will again in an unexpected encounter renew his hope of keeping it the peace.

July 2017